Dark fantasy with a healthy dose of science and horror

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Interview, February 1, 2016

Dean is interviewed by the always excellent Pam Stack.

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The premise of the power of numbers is not a new one, but never have I read anything that brings it to life with such clarity and such power.

We've all read our share of mystical, magical works which invariably left us with the thought, 'Tolkienesque'... Well, thank you, Mr. Lappi, for breaking that mold and writing something original which not once reminded me of Hobbits, Ents or Orcs.

Black Numbers is different and profound. It made me pause in places and it made my skin crawl at certain moments.

I will caution readers this may not be the book to read before going to bed. I made that mistake the first night. Lappi's monster, the Korpor, is one that gets under your skin. Maybe it is the anticipation of what the creature represents, but I found the Korpor to be one of the scariest characters I have come across in a while.

Dean Lappi takes you on an exciting and magical adventure from the first page! Passion and love fill every chapter of this book.

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Being a fan of dark fantasy, I found this book to be both disturbing (in a good way) and engrossing.


Hangin with Web Show

Video interview, May 30, 2016 at MegaCon 2016, Orlando, FL

Watch and listen to Dean’s interview by Garrett Pomichter